Hiring a personal trainer is a big financial commitment and with some of the top trainers now charging between £60-£100 an hour then it will mean that a sizeable chunk of your monthly income will be used up for just one hour a week. Hence we have been looking for an affordable Personal Trainer London. Now we all know you pay for what you get and if your trainer is only charging you £20 an hour then you probably have an inexperienced trainer who may or may not know what they are doing. So what are your really paying for when you hire your trainer, how can you tell if the fee is a good and fair price?  We did some investigating to see what the reasons for some of the extortionate fees are.

Variables of affordable Personal Trainers London

The first thing we found out when looking at affordable Personal Trainer London fees was the fees that Personal Trainers charge firstly depends on where you are located. Generally if you are within the capital then it tends to be more expensive than in small towns and most of us will understand this as everything tends to be more expensive in the capital. The fees charged by Personal Trainers will also depend heavily on where the training actually takes place. For example if you are using one of the top gyms then it will be more expensive than in the smaller less known named gyms. The reason for this is that the gym will usually take a cut of the Personal Trainers fee and the larger more exclusive and upmarket gyms tend to want a bigger cut.

Affordable Personal Trainer London

Another factor in the fees, can you get free personal training London? It is to do with the expertise and specialities of the Trainer. If you need a more specialist trainer you will need to pay more. For example if you have a specific injury and need the trainer to work with this then you’ll be looking for experience in this area which is obviously going to cost you more as the trainer will have extra qualifications. Finally a major reason for higher priced fees is that the trainer is in demand or if the trainer has some high profile clients already. If the trainer has wealthy clients or clients in the public lime light then you can almost guarantee that their fees will be substantial.